Tips to Create Keyword Density

Blog content writing alone is not enough to maximize your search engine traffic. Your content articles should also contain healthy keyword density. By keyword density, I mean the amount of targeted keywords within the article as compared with the actual word count.

Articles are meant to educate and assist your visitors in reaching their goals. But your site content should also boost your search engine positions.

Keyword Density in a Nutshell

Keyword density should be measured with not only numbers, but common sense. Your articles should make sense while having a healthy number of keywords to target the readers of that particular article.

For example, site content writing about "Kitchen Decor"should have a significant volume of the keyword phrase "kitchen decor" throughout the article.

The article should still make sense even though you've included this phrase at least several times in the article.

Site Content Writing Examples with Keyword Density

Take a look at the two paragraphs below. Which do you feel would be a good quality article that the search engines might recognize for
the keyword "kitchen decor?"

Paragraph 1:

Kitchen decor doesn't have to be complicated. You can use simple decor items to spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune. Check out your local dollar store or thrift stores to find great kitchen decor items while on a tight budget. Choose a theme or colors for your kitchen and then shop for matching items at thrift shops and yard sales. You'll be surprised at how lovely your kitchen will look - and your friends never have to know how much you spent to create the kitchen decor of your dreams!

Paragraph 2:

Kitchen decor is easy when you know where to shop. Make kitchen decor your goal when visiting thrift shops or local dollar stores. Find cheap items for your kitchen decor without sacrificing beauty. Create a kitchen decor plan and choose colors and themes based on what you imagine for your kitchen. Then, spruce up your kitchen decor with budget decor items to create the kitchen of your dreams. Your friends will never know how much you actually spent on your kitchen decor.

Type of keyword trick

Notice in paragraph one, the main phrase "kitchen decor" is used three times. In paragraph two, however, it is used six times
- basically once per sentence. With each paragraph, the theme is the same - kitchen decor on a tight budget. But with the second paragraph, the phrase is used so many times that it sounds very repetitive.

The paragraph seems to be written unprofessionally. Believe it or not, search engines pick up on this type of keyword trick, and so will your readers.

The first paragraph illustrates quality writing with a valuable keyword phrase only sprinkled a few times throughout it. It gets the point across without sounding repetitive. This is how you should conduct your site content writing for proper keyword density.

There are no set rules

Simple Tips to Create Keyword Density for Site Content Writing Use the following tips as a guide to create keyword density within your site content writing. There are no set rules, and search engines change their algorithms all the time, but these will give you a basic guideline of what has worked in the past.

Simple Tips to Create Keyword Density

1.- Use your main keyword phrase in the article title and in at least one other article heading within the article.

2.- Use your main phrase at least once or twice every other paragraph. With longer paragraphs, include it at least twice within the paragraph if it makes sense to do so.

- Sprinkle other related keywords throughout the article to establish the main subject and meaning of the article. Clarify your article with related phrases so the search engines won't confuse your keyword meaning with something else.


*You can turn right at the next stop sign. Or, you can be on the right side of a good cause.

*Web page content is different from video content.

*Written articles are different from articles of clothing.

*Home décor is different from the home page of a website... Got it?

3.- To maximize your keyword efforts, include the keywords elsewhere on your web page such as within the "alt text" of graphics or logos, within link text, and at the very top left-hand corner of your screen (before your logo or anything else).

4.- Include your keywords within your HTML Meta tags - title, description, and keywords.Now... can you guess the main keyword phrase of the above article? Answer: Site Content Writing (Count how many times "site content writing" was used in this article.

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