Buying and selling leads. Why it will never work.

Selling leads is today's version of Slavery!
by Thomas Prendergast

Buying and selling leads. Why it will never work like it used to. Why it will never work at all anymore.
Why I consider it slavery of your privacy!

Body_Mind_Spirit_Consulting_RoomI have spent the last 6 months preparing this report. I have heavily investigated the process lead providers use to produce their leads. I have an ethics issue with the entire process as well. So this report is designed to illustrate why buying leads is unprofitable, unduplicatable and unethical. While reading, listen to this song Let Freedom Ring in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King.

The process of producing then selling leads requires capturing someone's personal information. (ie: name, address, city, state, zip, phone and email). The Internet has become the main process for these companies. Mostly utilising spam and to a much lesser degree, the search engines. It doesn't really matter if these lead companies verify the email address either, because they don't care. I will explain that later in my report.

When you buy a batch of leads, so are 50-100 other people. So the race is on. Keep in mind that you are now competing to convince this lead to do business with you against a barrage of other pitches they are receiving. This barrage of calls will put the lead on the defensive unless you are the lucky one to call them first. Even if you are the first one to call (or paid the premium price for exclusivity) them, they DO NOT KNOW who you are. They DO NOT KNOW why you are calling. They DO NOT REMEMBER giving anyone permission to sell their information, much less, to a bunch of unprofessional telemarketers (Sorry, no insult intended). You must deal with massive rejection and even worse a major disconnect. Not just their disconnect, but you disconnect too. Because you don't like having to do this to succeed.

There is a solution, but I will address that later.

A month ago I was on a conference call when my sponsor claimed, "O C sold the best leads. That no other lead company was any good, period". That they called all of the leads and confirmmed them before selling them. So, I decided this was a great opportunity to test these, so called, best leads for sale. I bought 30 of them for about $150.00. I talked to 11 of them, about 30%. Also note, I did not pitch them a deal. I introduced myself as the CEO of Inetekk and was doing a survey in regards to what they thought about having their personal information sold, if they remembered how they gave this information away, and how they felt about all the phone calls they were getting. The ones I talked to are listed. The following is a detailed report of my results. I have omitted the ones that never responded. I called all of them 3 times, left messages, morning, afternoon and, evenings, on 3 different days, including weekends:

  1. Chuki Wooten (NC)
    (called 9:40am Nov 01 and talked to Chuki). Chuki remembered filling out a bunch of surveys that was required to win the free laptop she received in her email <spam>. One of them was a survey about a residential-based business. She was pretty upset with all the phone calls she was getting from people pitching her on all kinds of business opportunities. She did not recall being surveyed by phone from OC. And she was real upset because she realized she was never going to get the laptop. She felt scammed.
  2. Onell Amor (FL)
    (called 9:49am Nov 01 and talked to Onell). Onell said 6 residential-based marketers had already called him. Was not impressed. Does not know who OC is. Thinks he signed up for something residential-based work related from an email <spam>. Wanted me to tell OC to stop sending any more marketers. When I explained to him that OC had sold his information to 50+ marketers he got real upset.
  3. Bryan Cole (FL)
    (called 10;02am Nov 01 and talked to Bryan). Bryan wasn't interested in a residential business because he already had one. Said he had already been called 6 times. Wanted to know why all of a sudden he was getting calls. When I explained that his personal information was being sold he got real angry. When I asked him if he remembered filling out a form on a website or email he said he thinks he did. I asked him if a website disclosed to him that his personal information was being sold to many people would he still fill out a website, he said, "Absolutely not!" He asked me about Inetekk and after explaining what Veretekk is all about he said he would sign up for it, but has not as of this writing.
  4. Lee Henry (OH)
    (called 10:42am Nov 01 and talked to Lee). Lee did not like getting "tons of calls". He also said he had never been interviewed. Lee said he has cancer and the last time he was on the Internet was 6 months ago. He said at one time he was interested in a residential business but not now. He asked me to tell OC to stop everyone from calling him. He was extremely upset knowing his information was making someone money without his permission.
  5. Barry Bryan (OH)
    (called 11:15am Nov 01 and talked to Barry). Barry said he had already received 3 calls. He did confirm he had some interest in working from residential. He didn't remember if he filled out a form on a website or email. He said no one had called him from OC. He asked me to call him back in a week. He wanted to go back to sleep. I called him back at 10:12am Nov 08 and got no answer. I left a message. Never heard back from him.
  6. Larry Wofford Jr (MO)
    (called 11:50am Nov 01 and talked to Larry). Larry told me he had already received over 10 calls today and was not in a good mood about it. He told me he had no money and to please never call him back and hung up on me.
  7. Janet Klein (KS)
    (called 12:55pm Nov 01 and talked to Janet). Before I could say very much she interrupted to tell me she was not happy with all the calls she was "being flooded with" and not interested and hung up on me.
  8. Candace Aaneb (TX)
    (called 1:03pm Nov 01 and talked to Candace). Candace was very upset to realize her information was being sold. She was "pissed off by too many phone calls today" regarding "jobs from residential" people. She did not remember anyone from OC ever calling her. She did not remember what she filled out online but did recall doing so in the last week. She asked my to tell OC to stop selling her info and did not want to work from residential anymore.
  9. Sandra Cano (TX)
    (called 1:51pm Nov 01 and talked to Sandra). Sandra did recall being interviewed by OC but was positive she had never filled out anything online. She told me she didn't want anymore calls either and said good bye and hung up.

The issue is the Disconnect. Do you see the parallel with slavery?

What does that mean? Let me explain. First let me illustrate some examples:

  1. When you receive an email from someone you do not know, is there any reason that you trust anything they are telling you? Is there any reason why you should spend any time even reading what they sent you? They, amongst thousands of others, are filling up your mailbox, and it is probably making you angry. They do not know you, you do not know them, and the entire process has you frustrated, angry, and feeling violated.
  2. You come residential after a few days of being away, and your fax machine is filled with vacation specials, mortgage offers, stock tips, medication offers, networkmarketing deals, etc. You have to sort through this to look for legitimate faxes, and without much thought you through it all away. But if you did think about it, you would realize that all of those thoughtless unsolicited faxes had used paper you paid for, and toner supply that cost you. And why do they send it? Because they think you will believe them, and buy into what ever it is they are selling. Do you? No because you do not know who they are much less trust them.
  3. It is dinnertime. You have just sat down from a long day to be with your family and the phone rings. Sighing, you get up and go to the phone, and answer it. On the other end is a stranger trying to sell you medication, a newspaper, a work from residential deal, who to vote for, etc. You shake your head at this stupid time wasting jerk and hang up.

All three examples are typical cases of disconnect. You do not know them and they do not know you. There is no reason in the world why you will even listen to them, much less buy from them. Why would you? There is no trust. And we live in a world where strangers doing this very thing are ripping off people at an alarming rate. This is a major disconnect. And if this form of selling and marketing really did work, don't you think Ford, Microsoft and AOL, would be doing the same thing?

The deadly disconnect and slavery as well!

So why do you think this type of marketing will work for you or your down line? The worse type of disconnect occurs to you when you pursue this type of damaging marketing. Not only not working, it subjects you to insults, guilt and negative results, robbing you of your hopes, dreams, and self respect, as you realize the terrible reality that this is failing and so are you.

But even worse is the up line, or sponsor, spewing this to their down line as a solution. Talk about stupid! This is the quickest way to destroy your down line, as most of them will try it once, fail miserably, and just quietly fade away as your down line slowly dies. This is the disconnect that kills their dreams, kills growth and eventually kills your organization.

There is an ethical solution to this!

That solution is depending on systems and techniques that connect you to your market.

Your warm market right? You hear that ALLOT IN THIS INDUSTRY. But no we are not referring to your neighbors, friends, family and the 3-foot rule.

Good grief, where would Ford Motors be if they started out and continued to only sell to their friends and neighbors and family. It is laughable and absurb to even think this. But this is another fallacy that leaders, companies, and sponsor propagate. So just forget this because it does not work.

Your sphere of influence. Also called mind share! This is where the big guys make it, well, BIG! The sphere of influence is El Dorado. The Holy Grail, the gold mine, and well, you get the picture.

Building a sphere of influence takes planning, time, focus and a system. When you think of laundry soap, chances are you thought of TIDE! That is mind share. That is a major sphere of influence. Tide has spent billions on advertising since the 1950s to build that mind share, and because of it, they own the laundry soap market, period!

And you can do the same thing on a much smaller scale of course, for much less money. But by doing so, you will discover success! I am talking about a system called Veretekk. Ever hear of it? I am sure you have. They have major mind share on the Internet. The Veretekk system will ethically build you leads, traffic, mind share, and legitimate email lists. Veretekk is the most comprehensive and advanced portfolio of marketing tools, training and support. Veretekk builds you exclusive prospects that are connected with you. Accept your emails, take your phone calls and will occsionally call you before you get around to calling them the first time! Now, that is connected. And everyone's privacy stays private. That means freedom on both sides of the equation.

Learn from the system that has the only system that works!

Veretekk has dozens of experienced trainers, with as many as 12 live training events per day 24/7. Even the President Mike Darling and the CEO Thomas Prendergast teach the principles and procedures to succeed on the Internet. We teach you to build a massive sphere of influence, and deliver to you all the tools neccesary to do it.

Veretekk Traffic Portals Connect you to the Lead!

What is this Traffic Portal service? Simple. You get 100s of unique domains with the best lead capture sites on the Internet as part of your subsription along with autoresponders, lead management tools, marketing tools, etc. You just have to see it to believe it. This is why the Veretekk system works. Read carefully!

First consider the complexities of just running a business. Then add to that what you need to learn about marketing. Then mix with this the vast power and difficulties of leveraging the Internet. Then you need leads, good quality, exclusive, entrepreneurial contacts. You need qualified training, and you need a system that works. Now go read about Veretekk at my website. The solution is in the system.

Selling people's personal information is a malignant growth in this information revolution we are in. No different than slavery, in that, when somoen buys your personal information, they in turn sell it to others. Lead merchats, buying and selling your privacy, with total indignation and arrogance. They feel like they have every right to do this. Selling downlines, selling ip addreess while lieing to you that the email addresses they are selling you wxnt your spam. Back in the early 1800's a similar practice had many parrallels to this and it ended with a civil war. Remenants of that era still exist today, but thank God for Martin Luther King and the civil rights revolution in the 60s as well, becuae today, the healing has begun and those issues will be gone for over soon.

I have a Dream..

Another revolution on the horizon in regards to our privacy as well. Many states are already outlawing unsolicited faxes and spam as well as telemarketing. But we the people need to educate everyone as well as to this vile practice. I hope a day when our privacy will be freed.