Luxury Lifestyle for ordinary people

Decent living and luxury lifestyle is everyone dream,it make people feel excited but of course, it made up of money,luxury means plenty of wealth, a high level social status, reputation, which is far from ordinary life. It's the rich man world.

Certainly, ordinary people also dreamed of luxury life, what should they do? Earn more money ?Be your own boss?Yes,to be a successful person ,it need a lots time and sometimes it is not easy to achieve that.

How to the ordinary people enjoy the taste of decent living life style with minimum cost?Replica luxury manufactures provide many opportunities for ordinary people. They can enjoy the luxury jewelry and watches at the discounted price.And all we

Amber pendants. The oval pendant is 52 by 32 m...Image via Wikipedia

have to do is know how to choice the right one .

However,you should always be aware of the quality of the goods, they are replicas. Do focused on material selection, craftsmanship details.Some time these replica handbags are 99.9% same as authentic handbags.The only thing that made the price so different is the branch and copyright of the original one.

Leather and other raw material comes from Europe where the original brands initials. These all ensure the top quality of replica goods.And when you have earned your money and success in your career ,go buy the original .


Why Should You Travel And Have Family Vacation

After working so hard to earn money online/offline ,you might think how you reward yourself and spend some time with your family.Did you know? even you are rich and making a lot of money..You won't fully enjoy a swing unless you raise your feet from the ground .Money wont bring you any value if you don't know how to use it .I mean enjoy it .

Family vacation can be one of the great moments of life. Traveling with kids can be a wonderful and sensual personal experience. We can explore once more again our emotions and needs and find again what the routine of daily life takes away from us.

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Thinking of finding a resort for family holidays we have to take under consideration not only our needs but our children needs as well and for sure we have to consider that there are many factors that can influence our decision.

Time along with the weather is the first factors where we have to choose between winter and summer resort destinations. Of course if we are not rich we have to take into consideration our money limitations. Family vacations could be very expensive depending the age of our children type of accommodation or distance from our place.

If we are funds of a specific sport then our decision could be narrowed to resorts offering these specific sport activities.

There are two options when you plan your holidays. In depended travel and package holidays through a tour operator. Both options have good and bad points. Experienced travelers may choose to plan their vacations by them self and a great tool for helping them is Internet where you can find almost everything about the destination accommodation etc.

If you are between these people that wants to plan their vacations alone without the help of a travel agency or tour operator, through internet a good way is to search and visit first big hotel chains that offer accommodation and lodging services.

These hotels describe in their websites all features of each hotel and resort and they give valuable information to travelers about the area weather and other factors. They can help you determine how your needs and your children needs fulfilled and where you can stay to enjoy what you dream of a holiday.

So a good idea instead of first choosing a destination you may choose the hotel company you can trust for their services the type of accommodation, the resort activities and then you will see how the specific hotel can meet all your requirements.


Tips on earn extra income for decent living

It's a comfortable decent living lifestyle. Earn money from home ,make money from internet ,generate lifetime residual income is everyone dream. The hardest part is, only 2% made it.If you been told there is easy to earn big cash online,think again, most of the bloggers are struggling and earn nothing online from their blog. It just seem lack of a proven system to make it work.

It is just like MacDonald, as long as you follow through the proven system, you will earn money auto pilot. Therefore, it is the same in the internet. If you follow through the proven system, you will be able to generate easy residual income automatically. I will share some of my exprirent and tips on how to earn extra money from home on this post.

Narrow down your market to reduce the competition.Market research is a very important task no matter what business you are in. You need to target a hot market where the people in the market are willing to spend. Most people do not do this and that is why they find it hard to make money from their business. Another thing is that the market you target must be a niche market. The competition out there is huge, thus, you need to

Provide your market with quality content .Content is king in internet marketing. If you are serious in generating easy residual income, you need to provide your market with quality content. This is because with quality content, you will build the trust and relationship with the people in your market. You need to establish yourself as an expert in your field so that people will buy from you. Always think from the view of your prospect and keep on creating value for your market.

Knowing How to SEO you blog to earn online is one of the most important elementon making money from internet.Proper SEO to your blog can help you get more traffic and audience. Knowing ranking top on SERP is important, because they are going to determind the aomout of visitors and cash flowing in to your blog

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Another tips that most people did not do.Build your own contant list. You need to understand that not everyone will buy from you the first time they hear you. Hence, you need to capture their contact information so that you can follow up with them again. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you do not build your own list. Besides that, you can generate instant and targeted traffic to other products that you promote in future with the help of your list.

These are some proven methods how to generate extra income online. Remember, internet marketing is not a rocket science. As long as you are willing to learn and apply what you have learned, it is very possible for you to generate a 4 figure income by just spending 1 or 2 hours a day if you do it right and never give uo halp way.

IF you are serious to earn easy residual income AND HAVE A DECENT LIVING online, do it constanly .Time needed to learn those tricks that work for you. You can generate massive amount of instant cash the easy way and on complete autopilot! after you get through numbers of trail and error.


8 ways to Raise Capital For Your Business

Everyhing we do involve money.Form daily cost of living to running a business we need money. We need capital when start up a business,buying store,reantal,shinpping cost,etc.As the economy continues to face challenges, small businesses, especially new, start-up companies are finding it even more difficult to find the capital they need to take their ideas and concepts and turn them into viable businesses. A few suggestions are as follows:

  1. First, start smaller and work your way up. Small scale operations mean smaller capital needs. Thus, the small amount of capital a new entrepreneur does have (savings, home equity, retirement plans) can be used to jump start a business if it is designed on a smaller scale.
  2. Personal Loans: There are still a few companies that offer personal loans of 10000 to $ 100000 dollars if the borrower has provided an excellent (and I mean excellent) credit, which showed the ability to make loan payments.
  3. Micro-Loans: Micro-loans are Loans to small enterprises or start-up companies that do not qualify for regular credit facilities. Typically, these loans range from $ 500 to 25000 dollars and take five weeks for approval and funding.
  4. Account Receivable Factoring :can help to accelerate your cash flow while waiting for customers to pay you. You can then obtain the working capital that can be used to generate new business, including current liabilities obligations, or salaries. There are companies that will factor receivables as low as $200.
  5. Asset Based Facilities:If you have some proven track record, even if only for a few months, and raised some financial assets such as accounts receivable or credit card receipts, you qualify for capital against those assets.
  6. Included with accounts receivable factoring is the purchase order financing: If your business has to take, but it does not have the money to complete the system (such as purchasing supplies or equipment or hire necessary) Purchase Order financiers will provide the necessary funds to build the system.
  7. Business cash advances,While the truth is not a loan, can provide working capital in the future against credit card sales. These funds can be used for any purpose and can provide the capital your business needs to get it through these difficult times.
  8. Equipment:Are some of your equipment are absolute? If so, you can sell equipment (including tools and machinery) for the leasing company. Thereafter, lease the the equipment from the lessor. You need cash now and could still benefit from tax cuts for the lease payments and other costs.

When the search for capital in this market, keep in mind it is only temporary. It Will transform around and the lending markets will mitigate this criterion. So, what you have to do that now seek to obtain sufficient enough to your new, start-up of trade fell during this period

And always ,remember When there is a will, there is always a way.


Top 20 Most richest Man of The Republic of China

Most of China’s rich people are career-oriented. They devote themselves to their career with high ideals and firm determination.

Below AreThe Top 20+1 Most richest Man of The Republic of China Base on Year 07.

Rank Name Net worth RMB (US$) bil Age Main source
1 Li Ka Shing (李嘉誠) 200.40 (26.5) 80 Cheung Kong Group (長江集團)
2 Lee Shau Kee (李兆基)
3 Yang Huiyan (杨惠妍) 121.15 (16.02) 26 Country Garden (碧桂园)
4 Xu Rongmao (许荣茂) 54.43 (7.03) 57 Shimao Property (世茂国际; 世茂房地产)
5 Guo Guangchang (郭广昌) 36.23 (4.83) 40 Fosun International Limited
6 Zhang Li (张力) 35.88 (4.78) 54 Fuli Group
6 Zhang Jindong (张近东) 33.61 (4.48) 44 Suning Electric
7 Peng Xiaofeng (彭小峰) 28.66 (3.82) 32 Saiwei SDK Solar
8 Zhang Xin (张欣) 28.53 (3.80) 42 SOHO China
9 Lu Zhiqiang (卢志强) 27.98 (3.73) 56 China Fanhai Group
10 Larry Yung Chi Kin (荣智健) 27.22 (3.63) 65 CITIC Pacific
11 Wong Kwong Yu (黄光裕) 27.15 (3.62) 38 GOME Electrical Appliances
12 Zhang Yin (张茵) 25.35 (3.38) 51 Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Limited
13 Liu Yonghao (刘永好) 23.75 (3.17) 57 New Hope Group (新希望集团)
14 Zhu Mengyi (朱孟依) 22.17 (3.00) 49 Hopson Development (合生创展)
15 Yang Yizhu (杨贰珠) 20.77 (2.78) 57 Country Garden
16 Huang Wei (黄伟) 20.71 (2.76) 49 Zhejiang Xinhu (浙江新湖集团)
17 Chen Fashu (陈发树) 19.93 (2.66) 47 Xinhuadu Industry (新华都实业)
18 Liang Wengeng (梁稳根) 19.65 (2.62) 51 Trinity Group (三一集团)
19 Kong Jianmin (孔健岷) 18.44 (2.46) 40 KWG Property (合景泰富)
20 Cao Dewang (曹德旺) 18.19 (2.43) 63 Fuyao Group (福耀集团)
21 Liu Yongxing (刘永行) 18.08 (2.41) 60 East Hope (东方希望集团)

Remark:Base on Year 2007, 1 US dollar = 7.0-7.5 RMB yuan


Wealth of China

ΔChina has more billionaires than any country in the world except the United States, as soaring stock and property prices helped boost wealth among the country's super-rich.Check out The List of richest people by net worth of the People's Republic of China

The number of Chinese in the Chinese mainland worth $1 billion or more jumped to 108, from 15 last year, which ranks the 800 wealthiest individuals in the Chinese mainland.

The average wealth of those on the list doubled from a year earlier to $562 million.


Gallery China property market: Shanghai flats


Gallery China property market: High density housing Beijing

Gallery China property market: A worker cleans the windows of an apartment block

There's still plenty of growth opportunity as Chinese mainland's top entrepreneurs turn their sights to the vast underdeveloped and largely unregulated economic hinterland.

Decent Living With Money!


If I have time+money:Vacation Bali

What would you do if you were rich and never had to work again and had total freedom?

Stay tune for our series of posts about"If I have time and money"Decent living Lifestyle.

Decent Living:Luxury Resort.

Dine after the swim.

Di Mare Restaurant

Bali Luxury villas and resorts Karma Kandara.



The Truth of earn decent living online 1

The Truth of earn decent living online :


This series will provides the truth,tips and techniques for earn decent living from home.You learn information about money making opportunity.Pros and Cons!

Now Internet is great opportunity to earn money. But not Anybody can do this type of work from home,it need more time that those people mentioned to you,obviously those people who said "it's easy to earn money from home"was trying to ell you something.

The fact is you doesn't need spend money ,you need only time .

If you do a search on Google or others search engine(yahoo,Bing,etc) you will notice there are bunch of advertise for Work At Home Job opportunity. Those promise Earn$100+/Day. is it true?can Earn Money as simple as that ?

To be continue...


Searching for that perfect earning online opportunity?

Are you searching for that perfect part time online opportunity. You may be residing in U.S, Canada, England (United Kingdom), Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, Ireland or what ever it may be. But Everyone needs some extra income and search for a way to earn money online by working from home without any investment.

Working from home sounds good but the one thing that seem to be forgotten is that hard work. Therefore dedicated real hard work is needed to fulfill this dream. We knows that lot of individuals looking for the perfect Part time Online jobs opportunity and looking to Earn online quick and quit from their financial worries. To be honest if you are looking to Earn online quick or an instant returns without investment then we should suggest finding a home based jobs. Once the work at home opportunity starts to make a profit then give up that job.

I have found a work at home opportunity to do in part time basis that would require little work with a big payment and again no expenses to get started. When looking for that work from home based business it is best to find something that interests you and will work well with your life style. Just wait minimum of one year before you can expect to replace that full time income; this is a usual time frame sometimes this may exceed few months.

We just show you how we earn online through this part time online jobs. Also we offer you relevant information about what are requirements to this online part time home jobs and our experience. Remember that more time you dedicate to this work from home (home based business) Opportunity You can expect bigger returns .

Please keep in your mind never waste your time on those promise get rich overnight!

Any kind of work at home need time and effort.e.g. online survey jobs, Clicking ads, Network marketing, Multi level marketing(MLM), Get paid to surf, Get paid to post. We suggest you, always searching Some genuine online money making freelance jobs and only genuine online earning opportunities.

Yeah,It's not easy to find those kind of honest and effective money earning opportunities.My point is that earning online do requires time and dedication that you would spend at a offline job.

If you work consistent ,the results are much more higher than you expect. Start Yours and earn your profit online.