10 points making Contract with China Company

China on Path to Become Second-Largest Economy after US. You might have a great chance in doing business with Chinese company in China.Like it or not ,there are some tricks that you need to learn before getting yourself in the business.And one of the most important aspect you should know is making and checking a contract with China company.

Below listed Ten key points you should know when making and checking a contract.

1) The contract must have Chinese version
The Chinese government will not help you to translate your contract from french or Spanish to Chinese when they read it. only the contract with Chinese version can be acceptable and looked as the valid document in china.

2) Sending money to your vendor’s appointed bank account means nothing in China

There is a different concept between western country and china about what legal force it can represent when sending money to another party. In China, it could not certify there existing any trading relationship between the funds receiver and sender if you don’t have a contract. the money you send to the vendor will disappear in the air without any reason if there is not a legal contract can protect you.

3) Chops

A legal formed company in China should have at least three chops. they are called company chop, finance chop and private chop of legal person. the shape of company chop and finance chop of foreign company is ellipse. the shape of company chop and finance chop of Chinese company is round. all the private chop of legal person should be square.

4) How to verify is it a real seal for the chops

In China ,All  companies should go to the local security bureau to apply making necessary chops during setting up a business. You can go to make them after you get the approval from the local security bureau. then you should go back to the local security bureau to make a seal sample on the special chop card the security bureau gives to you. there are two same chop cards. the security bureau keeps one and the company keeps one, only the chops which leaves seal on the chop card are legal.I know this is tricky..

5) The basic structure of a contract

There should have parties, date, location of signing, production, quantity, quality, unit price, shipping terms, rights and obligation of all parties.

6) Basic verification of Chinese companies

You can visit local officials websites from local Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the sole government organ responsible for company registration in China and sometimes you can check out your supplier on their website. If you cannot speak Chinese, you can also ask a local Chinese to contact local officials and check out your supplier on your behalf in China. You'd better check them out before signing a formal contract with them in China.

7) The legal force of company seal and signature of legal person

the company seal and the signature of legal person has equal legal force. either of them can represent the company.one letter’s difference in the company’s name means they are two different company in one contract, the name of the parties in title, in content and in the seal should be exactly same. they represent different companies although there is only one small difference in the company’s name.

9) Parent company and subsidiary company

Parent company will take any legal responsibility of his subsidiary company. they are two separate independently company. if the title of one contract is the name of the parent company and the seal at the end is his subsidiary company, the contract is illegal.

10) The legal force of original document and copy

Please don’t hesitate to ask for the original contract no matter how complicated it goes. Anyone ,i mean anyone in your vendor’s company can make a fake contract and fax to you. also, the legal force of copy contract is much lower than an original contract.

Some people have done business in China over couples of years, but they will still make mistakes in the points we mentioned above. Remember ,It is very difficult to fetch up your loss if there is not a correct legal contract to protect you. every small detail should be pay attention to when signing a contract in china.

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Benefits of Custom Logos

If you running a business , when time goes on your business scale become bigger and bigger,you might use the money you have earned to buy some new equipments or tools for you business.But hey did you even thinks buying a company logo is also a important part on growing your business?

Just think,suppose you are roaming in the market, you notice that there are numbers of people wearing "brand X ’s T-Shirts, Caps, Joggers, Bags etc. What first thought will come in your mind? Credibility that everybody knows the brand,right? you might think they have such a huge fan followers and users and if people know them, they must be well recognized in the field. Now you are going to think what is the power of "Brand"? What do they sell is secondary? The branch will make whatever they sell a "brander product".

That shows how company’s logo creates its corporate identity in the fast-beating competition and separates itself from the crowded business’jungle. It is an exclusive corporate identity that helps in creating brand awareness both in the customers and competitors’ minds.

Some unaware people think of designing logos by self only to save some money but they have to pay several times double because what we design is what we want to be perceived in the customers’ minds. Once we are failed to introduce our business, they are gone.

The 10 ultimate benefits of Custom Logos

  1.  Your custom logo design is your property, no one can use it further. 
  2. There is particular copyright law in this regard.
  3. They are the picture of your company’s integrity and professionalism.
  4. Your customers will identify you by your logo designs in the crowded stuff.
  5. They represent company’s nature, attributes, behavior and personality, thus will appeal same mind customers besides keeping previous ones.
  6. They are used for your business’ Marketing.
  7. They are the sign of your business recognition and credibility.
  8. Custom logo is memorized in your client’s memory which is extremely beneficial in long term perspective.
  9.  When you have your custom logo for your business, you have chance to print it on different other items like stationary, clothes, cups etc, you will earn profit if you have good product as your logo design.

Lastly ,just thinks how Benefits of Custom Logos cab bring to yor business.and remember,Credibility is what you will be earning with money.


How To Use Amazon Wish List Buy online

 Plenty of great things to buy online?Ipad ,Blu-ray Discs,Kindle,Iphone...Basically you can buy anything online.Car Electronics & GPS,Cell Phones, Service, Computers, MP3 Players  LCD TV & Video..etc.And almost all these things you can buy from Amazon.com.For me i would like to have it all,of course it if i have enough money;)

If you have something you wish to buy but due to several reasons you just can't buy them now.Amazon.com Wish List is a great place to store all of the things that you dream to have it. Like the name,"wish list" it is a place for you to list down you " planning to buy" or "wishing to have"things

You can use the Amazon wish list to remember items that you would like to purchase for yourself, or you can share it with family and friends so they'll know what you wish to have and they might get you one for coming special occasion.

How to Add Amazon items to your wish list
To add an item to your Wish List , click the "Add to Wish List "button on the item listing page when browse at Amazon.It located at the right upper corner.  You can get started adding items to your Wish List right away,just  visiting Amazon.com

How to Check What item been added to Your Wish List
To view what are the items that added to your Wish List,find the "Your Lists" button (next to the cart button) in the top navigation bar,the button can be find from any Amazon.com page. Mouse over the red arrow and you will see a drop-down menu.Click on the Wish List link to view your list.

Add Item anywhere .The Universal Wish List
After adding items to your Amazon.com Wish List, you can  put an Add to Wish List button in your browser bar. This will allow you to add items to your Wish List from anywhere on the web including your favorite shopping destinations. Now you really can keep all of the things you would like on one list!Its 
a universal Wish List.. You can wish for anything at all (even if it's not on Amazon.com) with Universal Wish List. 

Sharing your Wish List with others

Your have the option to make your  Wish List private or public. A "Private" list setting means your friends and family will not be able to see your list, even if they search for it. A "Public" list setting means friends and family can search for your Wish List and find out what you'd really like to get. If you would like to change your list setting, click the "Make this list public" or "Make this list private" button on the left-hand side of your Wish List. View your list and edit this setting.


Travel With Disney Cruise Line And Dinner At Skyline lounge

The Disney Skyline lounge

Disney Skyline lounge is a stunning cocktail bar build in Disney Cruise Line.

This amazing lounge located on Deck 4, Aft in The District area on the Disney Dream.Tall "windows" line a wall that offer Guests a commanding view of some of the world's most beautiful city skylines as if from a vantage atop a high rise.And you shouldn't forgot ,you are in the middle of the sea.

It was the screens project what the view just like sitting on the top of a skyscraper in one of many cities around the world. The city will change from time to time, and the view will always been time-accurate.

This ever-changing venue celebrates some of the world's most famous cities.Also there is  a digital fireplace. Warm wood and lustrous metal finishes provide a handsome backdrop to the 7 LCD big screens .

Skyline's "windows to the world"—that not only depict a different city locale each day, but magically transform from day to night as each day progresses.

Just imagine the world's most fascinating cities with a virtually breathtaking viewpoint in the middle of ocean...

Disney Cruise Line is currently putting the finishing touches on Skyline. Be sure to check out Disney Cruise Line to discover even more of the magic that's in store for you and your entire family during a one-of-a-kind Disney cruise vacation.

 More decent living lifestyle ,stay tuned http://decentliving.blogspot.com.

*Disney Dream images are artist renderings; actual construction may vary.


How to write SALES copy that sells

Discover how to write copy that sells

It doesn't matter how great and how good looking graphics your blog ,it will not make you sales.you can't earn a dime from it,even it has the most professional template and most advance scripts running on your blog.

sales copy writing

Internet marketers newbie make the mistake of putting too much time and energy into the design of their blog, and not enough into writing content or effective sales copy.If your gold is the earn money online, producing a blog that is both professional looking and credible is one of the most important factor in selling online,but if your sales copy is not working, you will not make money even you have an award wining blog design template for you blog.

In fact,writing effective sales copy is not that hard . Good sales writers have learned how to produce a sales copy for their target audience.

In the word of marketing,you really need to understand whats your customer's needs and produce copy that projects emotion, passion, excitement and benefit.

There are 4 points for writing an effective sales copy, keep this in mind while planning your copy's beginning, middle and end.

  1. Attention - Use a attractive headline that demands attention
  2. Interest - Intrigue interest and create curiosity
  3. Detail - Provide details about your product or service
  4. Action - Call for action

Make you blog fast by reducing those unnecessary graphics. There is nothing that will make your visitor click away faster than a slow loading web page.

I you wish to Earn money online,writing a good sales copy is unavoidable step you should learn.


Luxury Lifestyle for ordinary people

Decent living and luxury lifestyle is everyone dream,it make people feel excited but of course, it made up of money,luxury means plenty of wealth, a high level social status, reputation, which is far from ordinary life. It's the rich man world.

Certainly, ordinary people also dreamed of luxury life, what should they do? Earn more money ?Be your own boss?Yes,to be a successful person ,it need a lots time and sometimes it is not easy to achieve that.

How to the ordinary people enjoy the taste of decent living life style with minimum cost?Replica luxury manufactures provide many opportunities for ordinary people. They can enjoy the luxury jewelry and watches at the discounted price.And all we

Amber pendants. The oval pendant is 52 by 32 m...Image via Wikipedia

have to do is know how to choice the right one .

However,you should always be aware of the quality of the goods, they are replicas. Do focused on material selection, craftsmanship details.Some time these replica handbags are 99.9% same as authentic handbags.The only thing that made the price so different is the branch and copyright of the original one.

Leather and other raw material comes from Europe where the original brands initials. These all ensure the top quality of replica goods.And when you have earned your money and success in your career ,go buy the original .


Why Should You Travel And Have Family Vacation

After working so hard to earn money online/offline ,you might think how you reward yourself and spend some time with your family.Did you know? even you are rich and making a lot of money..You won't fully enjoy a swing unless you raise your feet from the ground .Money wont bring you any value if you don't know how to use it .I mean enjoy it .

Family vacation can be one of the great moments of life. Traveling with kids can be a wonderful and sensual personal experience. We can explore once more again our emotions and needs and find again what the routine of daily life takes away from us.

ParthenonImage via Wikipedia

Thinking of finding a resort for family holidays we have to take under consideration not only our needs but our children needs as well and for sure we have to consider that there are many factors that can influence our decision.

Time along with the weather is the first factors where we have to choose between winter and summer resort destinations. Of course if we are not rich we have to take into consideration our money limitations. Family vacations could be very expensive depending the age of our children type of accommodation or distance from our place.

If we are funds of a specific sport then our decision could be narrowed to resorts offering these specific sport activities.

There are two options when you plan your holidays. In depended travel and package holidays through a tour operator. Both options have good and bad points. Experienced travelers may choose to plan their vacations by them self and a great tool for helping them is Internet where you can find almost everything about the destination accommodation etc.

If you are between these people that wants to plan their vacations alone without the help of a travel agency or tour operator, through internet a good way is to search and visit first big hotel chains that offer accommodation and lodging services.

These hotels describe in their websites all features of each hotel and resort and they give valuable information to travelers about the area weather and other factors. They can help you determine how your needs and your children needs fulfilled and where you can stay to enjoy what you dream of a holiday.

So a good idea instead of first choosing a destination you may choose the hotel company you can trust for their services the type of accommodation, the resort activities and then you will see how the specific hotel can meet all your requirements.