How To Use Amazon Wish List Buy online

 Plenty of great things to buy online?Ipad ,Blu-ray Discs,Kindle,Iphone...Basically you can buy anything online.Car Electronics & GPS,Cell Phones, Service, Computers, MP3 Players  LCD TV & Video..etc.And almost all these things you can buy from Amazon.com.For me i would like to have it all,of course it if i have enough money;)

If you have something you wish to buy but due to several reasons you just can't buy them now.Amazon.com Wish List is a great place to store all of the things that you dream to have it. Like the name,"wish list" it is a place for you to list down you " planning to buy" or "wishing to have"things

You can use the Amazon wish list to remember items that you would like to purchase for yourself, or you can share it with family and friends so they'll know what you wish to have and they might get you one for coming special occasion.

How to Add Amazon items to your wish list
To add an item to your Wish List , click the "Add to Wish List "button on the item listing page when browse at Amazon.It located at the right upper corner.  You can get started adding items to your Wish List right away,just  visiting Amazon.com

How to Check What item been added to Your Wish List
To view what are the items that added to your Wish List,find the "Your Lists" button (next to the cart button) in the top navigation bar,the button can be find from any Amazon.com page. Mouse over the red arrow and you will see a drop-down menu.Click on the Wish List link to view your list.

Add Item anywhere .The Universal Wish List
After adding items to your Amazon.com Wish List, you can  put an Add to Wish List button in your browser bar. This will allow you to add items to your Wish List from anywhere on the web including your favorite shopping destinations. Now you really can keep all of the things you would like on one list!Its 
a universal Wish List.. You can wish for anything at all (even if it's not on Amazon.com) with Universal Wish List. 

Sharing your Wish List with others

Your have the option to make your  Wish List private or public. A "Private" list setting means your friends and family will not be able to see your list, even if they search for it. A "Public" list setting means friends and family can search for your Wish List and find out what you'd really like to get. If you would like to change your list setting, click the "Make this list public" or "Make this list private" button on the left-hand side of your Wish List. View your list and edit this setting.

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